Friday, 5 May 2017

The Dark Style Fair (May 1st - 22nd)

Adoness "woke up" for The Dark Style Fair which is a the darkest of them all and we simply could not miss it out! TDSF is returning for the fourth year and it is full of new alternative fashion items reaching in to genres such as goth, emo, punk, steampunk, metal, dark fantasy and so much more! To access all the new dark goodness just take a ride to the event and refresh your dark style today.

The Dark Style Fair 4: Location

Official Website: click!

Our new release for TDSF is Mortalia which is a gothic dress painted with a lovely skeleton design. Each dress comes in two versions.

adoness dress


dark style

Credits: Head: Genesis Lab; Eyes: Buzz; Hair: Magika; Eyelashes: Adored; Body: Maitreya; Piercing: Baclava

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