Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Thrift Shop 11.0 (Nov 8th - 29th)

The Thrift Shop is open for the 11th round and filled with great new products which are all half priced! Everything on this event is 50% off and each designer has prepared new items which are exclusive for the duration of this event. The Thrift Shop will be up and runing until November 29th.

CLICK for Location!

Official Gallery: Depraved Nation 

New release from Adoness (-50%)

adoness clothing

second life


Other Discounted Items: Hairstyles Luna and Sol (-50%)

hairmesh hair

Monday, 19 October 2015

Freak Show (Oct 17th - 31st) : GACHA CARNIVAL!

Freak Show is a Halloween themed gaha carnival brought to you by Depraved Nation. At the main location, you can find mainly creepy, freaky and scarry halloween supplies that you absolutely need to win for this year's Halloween night.

All our items are transferable and 35L$ per play.

Preview Gallery : Click HERE

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Pastel Goth Fair (Oct 16th - 31st)

This month we are participating a very special, gothic themed, event which focuses on pastel goth which is very close to our hearts at Adoness.

We decided that this was the perfect opportunity to release a new hair color line which consists of trendy pastel colors. Also, Thalassa is our cute new hair design which has been released for Pastel Goth Fair and will be available at the event until October 31st. Later it will become a part of our hair line which is available at Adoness main store and Marketplace.

Pastel Goth Fair: SLurl


adoness hair


pastel goth poster

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Adoness Presents: The Hair Shedding Hunt (Sept 25th - Oct 31st)

The Hair Shedding Hunt is a store wide event brought to you by Adoness. In this hunt you will have to search for small COMB objects hich are carefully hidden all around our main store building. Each hunt objects is priced at 10L$ and includes one of our best selling hairstyles in two colors.
Colors of hairstyles were created specially for this occasion and can not be found among our regular hair color packs.

Hint: Hunt objects are placed inside our old cottage house (not outdoors) ;)

Happy Hunting!

Adoness : Location

hair for second life

hair preview

Thursday, 20 August 2015

The Thrift Shop 10.0

The Thrift Shop is a three week long event where designers display a new release which is sold as a disconted item for the duration of the event along with previously released items.Everything at The Thrift shop is sold with a 50% discount.

This month we have released a new dress Chloris which is available in several color options. We have also reduced the price of some of our best selling hairstyles so be sure to check that out!

The Thrift Shop: Slurl

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Hair Fair 2015 (July 11th - 26th)

We did it! 10th annual Hair Fair is here!

Each year, in the midst of July, hair designers gather their creative minds for a truly amazing charity event. Each participating brand donates a certain percentage of every purchase to collects funds that are later donated to Wigs for kids, a charity organization which provides high quality wigs for children who are suffering from hair loss due to different illnesses.

This year we have prepared three new hairstyles which were created within our store »comfort zone«. That means more alternatie hair for your growing collection of Adoness hair ;)

Asgardis, Valhalla and Frigg are new, Norse mythology inspired hairstyles that include detailing such as braids and curly hair locks. As usually all hairstyles are partially rigged so that small modifications can be made to fit your personal shape.

 Hair Fair 2015 is a four sim wide event. Adoness can be found at:

Redhead Sim - Click for location

Also take a visit to...

Blonde Sim - Location

Brunette Sim - Location

Noirette Sim - Location 

mesh hair

adoness hair

hair fair

... And of course we have a special gift for you!


wigs for kids

Monday, 4 May 2015

The Dark Style Fair 2 (May 1st - 31st)

If you love urban, goth, punk, edgy, badass and all together dark style then be sure to visit this year's Dark Style Fair 2. Adoness is participating with a new unisex hairstyle which is slightly on the more androgynous side.

The Dark Style 2: Location

Flair For Events: Website

Adoness: The Dark Style 2: EXCLUSIVE

- Loki: Hairstyle

the dark style fair

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Black Fashion Fair (Apr 17th - May 1st)

Black Fashion Fair is an event based on the elegance of black colour. Black is elegant, urban, boho or shik, present in every era which makes it timeless.
At Black Fashion Fair 2015 you will find exclusive releases of 184 designers which dedicated their time and creativity for this unique event brought to you by WeDo SL.

Teleport to Black Fashion Fair - East Side - Adoness!
Teleport to Black Fashion Fair - West Side

adoness dress

adoness deimos

black fashion fair

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The 100 Block: Fashion Fair & Photo Contest (April 9th - April 30th)

Event of the year is here! The 100 Block by Depraved nation holds this event for the second year and it features over 100 designers all providing new and exclusive designs. Exclusive releases include various fashion and body designs and are priced 50% off their regular selling prices.

In addition, you can join the photo contest and get the chance of winning designer prizes which are valued at over 200.000L$. Get more information at Depraved Nation official site.

We have released a brand new line of Lucus eyes. The price is truly symbolic so get your hands on them while they are this affordable. Eyes will be fully priced and available at our main store after April 30th.

Visit us HERE!

NEW! Lucus Eyes:

lucus eyes



depraved nation

Monday, 16 February 2015

Genre: Dark Arts (Feb 15th - Mar 12th)

Genre is a monthly event which primarily focuses on different styles, cultures or themes. This month's genre is "Dark Arts".

Adoness is participating with a new dress inspired by arcane circles. Hecate outfit includes a dress, which is available in fun colors combinations, and feather shoulder pads.

Genre: Location: CLICK

Genre shopping guide: CLICK

adoness dress