Monday, 22 August 2016

Fetish Fair (August 19th - September 2nd)

This summer it's all about hot themes! We're participating Fetish Fair brought to you by WeDoSL. Come, join us and discover your deepest, darkest desires by walking through this gloriously built sim which brings you the ultimate shopping experience. Only the best Second Life designers are representing their brands with revealing designs inspired by different fetishes. Product range is wide and appealing; you can shop from fashion items, accessories, avatar enhancements to home and decor products!

Fetish Fair: Location

Adoness release for fetish fair includes Hades, rubber mini dresses with iridescent color effect. This dress comes in 8 colors and is fitted form Slink, Maitreya and TMP mesh bodies.



fetish fair

second life

Credits: Head & Makeup: Genesis Lab; Ears: Mandala; Eyes: Arise; Hair: Shi; Bracelets: Superbia; Rings: Kibitz; Corset Collar: Avanti; Piercings (Mouth): Pierce (Previously PoM); Forehead Piercing: Tabou; Tattoo: PMS.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

GENRE: Burlesque (August 15th - September 12th)

As of July 2016 Adoness regularly participates GENRE, a montly event which focuses on different styles, cultures, themes - altogether genres. This month the theme is burlesque which was a highly anticipated theme by many of us. This round is a big one and filled with sexy yet classy fashion, accessories, furniture and animations.

GENRE: Location

For the theme of burlesque whe have released a new corset after a long while. Each colour includes standard sizing mesh corset as well as fitted mesh for Slink Physique and Hourglass, Belleza, Maitreya and TMP. Aphrodite underbust corset is available in 6 colour variations.



Credits: Head & Makeup: Genesis Lab; Body: Maitreya; Panties: Maitreya; Eyes: Arise; Piercings: Arise; Hair: Magika; Hat: Adoness; Tattoo: Speakeasy.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The Thrift Shop 14.0 (Aug 6th - 31st)

We all know by now that, when The Thrift Shop comes around, it means one thing... Bargain shopping time! Each designer has one new product release along with plenty of previously released fashion, home, decor and other. Remember, everything at this event is discounted by 50%.

This time we have released a beautiful new dress called Dionysus. It is accessorized with ruffles and a corset which will bring you that unique elegant gothic style.

Other discounted items include some of our older hair models: Frigg, Asgardis, Odin and Baldur. All packs are discounted!

Taxi: The Thrift Shop

Preview gallery and other info:



second life

depraved nation

Credits: Head & Makeup: Genesis Lab; Body: Maitreya; Tattoo: Speakeasy; Hair: Shi; Earrings: Plastik; Nails: Adoness

Saturday, 16 July 2016

HAIR FAIR 2016 (July 16th - 31st)

Finally it came to our favorite time of the year. Hair Fair 2016 will open its doors on 16th of July. It is an annually charity event where hair designers from all over the grid join forces to sell their newly released hairstyles and donate a certain percentage of the proceeds to Wigs for Kids. Wigs for Kids is an American charity organization which provides hair replacement systems for children suffering for hair loss due to different diseases. They have been serving their mission for over 30 years. You can read more on their official website:

Landmark: HAIR FAIR 2016

Adoness release for Hair Fair 2016:

hair fair

wigs for kids


second life

Let's not forget about dollarbies which are exclusive to Hair Fair 2016!

Hairbase used on Genesis Lab mesh head is from Kokolores.

GENRE: Polynesia (July 15th - August 12th)

GENRE is a monthly event which we, as of June 2016, participate regularly. At GENRE you will find many great deals from various designers all under 100L$.
In month July our theme is Polynesia which is a perfect theme for summertime. Just imagine yourself on a Hawaii beach with pinacolada an hibiscus flowers in your hair - That is exactly what we did with our "Thalassa ALOHA" hairstyle. It comes in all regular colors and color packs. Fatpack is additionally discounted.

Landmark: GENRE Polynesia


Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Dark Style Fair 3 (May 14th - June 4th)

The darkest of them all is here! The Dark Style Fair 3 is for everyone who loves dark, goth, alternative, horror and even gore. Only the best dark designers on the grid have gathered forces to deliver you a new release for your alternative fashion wardrobe.

Adoness has released a new elegant mohawk Euryleia along with shaved LeLutha hair appliers. Separate system avatar tattoos are also available.

Visit us here: Taxi

Official Blog: Link

Genre: Sports (May 15th - June 12th)

New month, new GENRE theme! For those of you who are just joining us, GENRE is a monthly discount event which provides you deals that are priced at 100L$ or less! Each month there is a new theme and them month of May is perfect for Sports.
Adoness has released a jersey style casual dress for all you urban gothlings out there. "Gothic Sports" dress comes in six colors and each represents a different dark theme: Scarecrows, Gothlings, Alchemists, Heretics, Skeletons and Baby Bats.

Click here, to see the official gallery.

Genre Location: Taxi




Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Thrift Shop 13.0 (May 7th - 31st)

The Thrift Shop is back for the 13th round and filled with amazing deals where everything is 50% off. For this round we have released Marzanna dress which is our interpretation of the Slavic goddess of death. The dress is a colorful spring dress perfect for every one who want to be cheerful yet still a bit scarry ;)

The Thrift Shop 13.0 - Location



second life

Monday, 18 April 2016

GENRE: Belle Epoque (April 15th)

La Belle Epoque was a period of Western European history which took place in 19th and early 20th century. In fashion, we could describe this era with immense elegance, hour glass silhouette, corseting, incredibly big and overly decorated hats, puffy sleeves, and in the very end of this period there was the fashion of Titanic.

Lilly Lavinia was released for this round of Genre and will be discounted for the duration of this event. It is a mix of modern and late Belle Epoque style.

Location: GENRE - Belle Epoque

second life
lilly dress

Black Fashion Fair (April 15th - 30th)

For all lovers of black out there, Black Fashion fair is the right place to be. A fair dedicated to this timeless colour will enthuse every kind of fashionista, since it covers styles from elegant, casual, urban to alternative styles.
For this event we designed a rather simple and adorable dress with popular goth patterns. It comes in standard sizes, fitted mesh option and with Maitreya auto-hide system installed. Our products are discounted up to 50% exclusively for Black Fashion Fair.

Don't forget to pick up the gift ;)

Location: Black Fashion Fair

adonesssecond life

black fashion fair