Thursday, 21 February 2013

Days of Corsets: Adoness Shopping Event

Adoness Presents:

DAYS OF CORSETS (February 20th - 28th)

This event is all about tiny waists, bucks, buttons, laces, boning, ribbons,... Yes... CORSETS!

Each day, at approximately the same time, a new corset will be set out for only 20 L$. This offer will remain for the next 24 hours.
Corset from the previous day will stay available in the treasure chest behind the current offer, however it will no longer be heavily discounted! You will need to keep track, so we suggest you to join our in-world group. Members will be the first to know about offer changes.

Group Will be FREE to join for the duration of this event!

Please copy paste this to Local Chat if you want to Join our Group:      

Today's Offer:

Monday's Offer:

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