Wednesday, 13 August 2014

District 5 (Aug 13th - Sept 4th)

District 5 is a full sim fashion fair which is divided into different sections. Each section represents a different genre or fashion style:

◈  Sin City:
Street fashion, urban, pimp, trashy, gangster,...

◈  The Hamptons:
High priced call girls, escorts, playboy bunny mansion girls, upper class, business men and women, chic, Hollywood,...

◈  The Indie Market
Used clothing, hippies, classic and natural, intellectual, hipster, casual,...

◈  The Industrial Compound: (ADONESS is here!)
Sci-Fi, industrial fantasy, cyberpunk, futuristic, dark fetish, gothic scene, post apocalyptic, robots, steampunk,...

◈  The Scene
Club kids, scene kids, club life, goth meets rainbows,  techno,  costume parties, kawaii,...

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district 5 flyer

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